New PAB Member - November 2023

The PAB is pleased to announce the appointment of Richard Hartland, COO of Data8, as a member of the Advisory Board.

Richard is a former member of the PAF User Group. He brings a wealth of experience from senior leadership roles across the data industry, and through co-founding Data8, where he currently leads on solutions production, data governance and legal compliance.

The PAB Chairman, Ian Beesley, said in welcome, “Richard has been a strong advocate for PAF data for over 25 years, and his expertise in the market for address data will further strengthen the PAB focus on maintaining the accuracy and completeness of the Postcode Address File.”

Richard added: “I am delighted to be invited on to the PAF Advisory Board and I look forwards to becoming actively involved in the board’s role of advising the AMU on behalf of PAF users. I am particularly interested in the quality of the PAF data and therefore helping to ensure that PAF continues to be one of the very best quality data sources in this ever-changing world.”