Providing Independent Advice on the Postcode Address File

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Welcome to the PAF® Advisory Board

The Postcode Address File for the United Kingdom (PAF®) is maintained by Royal Mail and is the most accurate, up-to-date and complete address database in the UK. It contains 28 million addresses and, typically receives 1.5 million updates a year.

The PAF Advisory Board was created in 2007 to give independent advice to the Address Management Unit of Royal Mail on behalf of PAF users. Its members cover independent postal operators, value added resellers of PAF, web based companies, mail users and public sector users. It is independent of Royal Mail and Ofcom. Through involvement with users of PAF at a senior level and encouragement to potential users the board aims to tender reliable and relevant advice to promote a wide use of the PAF, on a fair basis, to the overall well-being of the UK.


What is the role of the PAF Advisory Board?

  • Representing the views of PAF users

  • Developing the PAF Licence structure and terms

  • Promoting the wider potential of PAF in support of the UK economy

Are you looking to licence PAF?

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