Survey on the Development of the Postal Address File

The 2015 PAF licence was generally welcomed as a significant step forward for its reduction in complexity, plain language, support for  transaction based ‘per click’ pricing and introduction of an on-line sign-up. Since 2015 there has been continued growth in the take up of transaction based licensing and new developments in the use of PAF by Solution Providers and users. 

One of the roles of the PAF Advisory Board (PAB) is to provide independent advice to Royal Mail on the continued suitability of PAF licencing, content and processes.  With that in mind, the Board agreed that this is a good time for a check on the continuing fitness for purpose of the licence and the implications of developments in the addressing market, including new approaches to delivery, particularly of goods.

If you are a current Solution Provider or End User of PAF from Royal Mail, the PAF Advisory Board would like to hear your views through completion of a short survey. The survey can be accessed through the following links:

Solution Providers –

Direct End Users –


The survey will be open until 11th October 2018

Many thanks for your input in helping to drive positive change for PAF moving forward.