The Postcode Address File Moving Forward

The PAF Advisory Board and RM Address Management Unit representatives are holding a special open discussion meeting in November 2018 to look into the future development of PAF.

 We would welcome written input from both Solution Providers and End Users of PAF with suggestions for additional data items that could be added to PAF.

 These items could either be as additional datasets to the main file (as per the existing NYB, Multiple Residents file and Alias Files) or as additional fields to be included within the main PAF file.

 If you have any views on data that could be included under either scenario, could you please send details by e-mail to the Board Secretary, Paul Roberts (, by 30th September 2018


Please consider the following details in your response:

·         The type of data and how you would expect it to be displayed (e.g. as a single True or False code, or a longer field of data)

·         What level of detail it would be at: e.g. Household, Street, Postcode

·         Details of how you would expect it to be used by Solution Providers or End Users

·         Details of the wider value it would offer to the marketplace

·         Views on how it should be brought to the marketplace, e.g. included as a PAF Field or as an additional dataset

·         Frequency of update required


This is an excellent opportunity to provide input into the future of PAF and the PAF Advisory Board would very much encourage the contribution of current PAF users.